Enchanted Style Notes – The Jewellery Of A Neo-Victorian Lady

Discover our favourite romantic Victorian jewellery styles fit for a sophisticated Neo-Victorian lady or a romantic Neo-Victorian bride.
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Hello darlings.
Letting flowers speak for yourself was quite typical of the Victorian time. But did you know that Victorians engaged in a wordplay style even more precious and extravagant?

Enchanted Style:
Toi & Moi and Acrostic Rings

While the origin or at least the popularity of the “Toi et moi” ring style can be traced back to Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine, this design showcasing two fabulous gemstones remained quite popular during the Edwardian and the Victorian eras.
Meaning “you and me” in French, the delicate beauty of two precious stones in an innocent embrace was not lost on a darkly romantic, reticent Victorian.

Acrostic rings or acrostic jewellery were an even more interesting way to speak with gemstones. Coloured gemstones set on a band of gold or in a setting reminiscent of a simple flower with a hidden meaning – how exciting!
Already accustomed with the concept of the “language of flowers”, Victorians ardently embraced this French creation as well. In acrostic jewellery, the first letter of a gemstone is used to spell a word, which can be romantic (“dearest”, “love”, “regards”), personal (a name), and even political.

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