Packing Light: A Round-Up Of Best Tips From Our Teams

Frequent travels are part of our job. We have compiled a list of best tips from our teams across the countries, tips that will help you pack in no time to focus on the more exciting parts of your holiday or business trip.
Packing Light: A Round-Up Of Best Tips From Our Teams

Packing Light:
10 Tips From RBR Team Members

1. Pack less by simply giving yourself less space – a trolley bag or a similarly sized backpack are perfect for urban trips.

2. Never pack more than one week’s worth of colour-coordinated clothes and…

3. …Wear the heaviest, the bulkiest garments and shoes – or layers of lighter clothes – on the plane (or train). Also: stuff those pockets!

4. Clothes look much better straight from your trolley bag if you carefully roll them rather than folding them. It also saves so much space.

While we’re adequately nostalgic about a gorgeous designated beauty case to put on top of the carry-on, your beauty luggage can be minimised quite elegantly to fit into just one medium beauty bag:

5. Torn between the “just in case” and the “only the must-haves” mindset? You so don’t need to be.
Choose beauty products that can be easily layered to go from daytime mode into goddess mode (Blush Wand; Long-lasting Duo Cream Eye Shadow) or can be applied to face and body (Highlighting Liquid; Bronzing Glow Liquid).

6. Choose versatile palettes like the matt ‘Luna’ Eye Shadow Palettethat pack a punch but are easy to carry, double as pocket mirrors, and are customisable to boot.

7. Packcustomisable products like RBR Foundation Essencewhich can be blended with any skincare product to create custom coverage foundation or concealer.

8. Opt for dry products where you can or pack products in spill-free packaging (for example, you can twist close the tubes of our Natural Defining and Contouring Liquid and Light Corrective Eye Primer).

9. Most perfumes will come in travel sizes or in sample sizes…

10. …and so do make-up and skincare. (Did you know that we offer you up to four free samples you can hand-pick with any RBR Web Boutique order? Check out what’s available right now!)

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