Enhancing The Beauty of Mature Skin: 10 Tips

Although sometimes just a swipe of lipstick will brighten your mood, we have compiled our make-up artists’ best yet simplest tips and techniques to enhance the natural, delicate beauty of mature skin.
Enhancing The Beauty of Mature Skin: 10 Tips

Enhancing The Beauty of Mature Skin: 10 Tips

Tip #1: Exfoliate gently
Going overboard with exfoliation can cause all kinds of skin issues. However, if you let your aesthetician choose a daily moisturiser with gentle exfoliation effect, it will keep your skin soft and supple, and you’ll need less make-up products and lighter textures to achieve that delicious, flawless radiance.

Tip #2: Smart beauty for a smooth canvas
With the advance of the production methods and textures in our day and age, primers (face and eyes) have become subtle beauty secrets. Able to unify the skin tone and texture, they are nearly undetectable while providing a visible boost in radiance and beauty. Primer application allows you to use less colour product, which in turn leads to a much more natural and youthful, fresh appearance.
A little goes a long way, try and incorporate primers into your make-up routine.

Tip #3: Cream over powder
Whenever possible, choose creamy textures over powders.
We at RBR pride ourselves in creating the smoothest powder products that are great for dry skin, but the drier your skin gets as we age and the more fine wrinkles it develops, the more it loves creamier formulations.
Whether our Blush Wand, the Highlighting Liquid or the Long-lasting Duo Cream Eye Shadow — these are hydrating textures that are silky, moisturising, and not oily at all.

RBR hydrating skin loving textures and flattering colours for mature skin Defeat shadows, enhance radiance — with translucent, lightweight textures.

Tip #4: Fuller lips
As we age, lips can lose volume, pigment, and definition. Good news: we have formulated all of our lipsticks and lip balms to both prevent and treat the problem. Whatever texture you choose, don’t forego a lip liner (on the upper lip in particular) in a colour close to your natural lip shade.

Tip #5: Intensify your lash line
Much more subtle and "undone" than several coats of mascara and less obvious than a classic flick, tightlining is simply the technique of thickening the lash line using an eye pencil. Use chocolate brown for the most natural look unless, of course, you call a raven-black thatch your own.

Tip #6: Defeat the shadows
Using a brightening concealer, brighten the areas in the inner corners of your eyes, between the eye brows, the outer corner of your eyes, and if desired, the temples. These are areas where shadows occur naturally but deepen with age to an unflattering hollow effect.

Tip #7: Tinted eye brows
If you have greying eye brows, to have less fuss with eye brow styling — just groom them using a brow shaping and conditioning gel and you’re good to go — have a professional eye brow dye.
If your eye brows are on the sparse side (we are as guilty of over-plucking as almost everybody else), filling them in with an ultra-fine, gently tinted eye brow pencil and grooming them with a brow-thickening gel will do just as fine. Our eye brow products come in super flattering, gentle shades that will never look too harsh.

Tip #8: Grey matters
If you’re one of those trailblazing women who said yes to natural grey hair, you’re in for an interesting metamorphose when it comes to lipstick.
When going grey — whether completely natural, or with highlights, or erring on the side of lighter, blonder hair — you’ll discover that flattering colours will change. If you used to be a nude and coral lipstick gal, you might find that a poppy red lipstick totally transforms you into a goddess. Or, if you thought that only glosses in hot pink were your thing, you may find out that rich and neutral mauve is turning heads in the best of ways. You may need a little time to experiment, but we assure you, it’s so, so worth the extra effort!

RBR lipsticks for grey hair — make-up artist tips for mature skin Colours that flatter you will change with age. We think there's a lot of joy in discovering new colour favourites!


Tip #9: We put less in flawless
Less is more when it comes to mature skin. No worries, we’re not going to talk you out of your favourite classic red lip or a deep tan now. What we mean though is going light on application. Choose lighter textures, apply less product…

Tip #10: Skin contact
…but do, however, spend more time working products into your skin and blending them.
Your skin will absolutely adore a little more gentle massages when you apply your moisturiser, your primer, or when you tap in your foundation or concealer (following the lymph flow lines) and will reward you with rosier cheeks and a more radiant and plumped look.
Blending make-up is an art in itself. The less visibility of the actual products there is, the more polished and elegant you will look. And of course, blending works best with clean brushes.