Blogs Round-up, Spring-Summer 2018

Lots of perfume reviews, in-depth reviews of gift sets, several fabulous beauty looks and more to discover.

Blogs Round-up, Spring-Summer 2018

Blogger Beauty Looks


Blogger Beauty Looks - Venetian RedRed mascara for the win.

New York-based musician and beauty blogger Lena of Lenallure, Helsinki-based illustrator and beauty blogger Laura Loukola as well as German beauty bloggers Melanie of Mel et Fel and Jadebluete have all shared their versions of our bold beauty look ‘Venetian Red’.

Black eyeliner: you can never go wrong with that. We love the classy eyeliner look created by Ginger Talks. The look is based on the author’s RBR favourites.

Finally, Singapore-based beauty blog Silverkis’ World has treated her readers to not only a RAW GARDEN ‘Luna’ review with swatches, but also to a whole beauty look using the palette.


Fragrant Confessions

Those who missed the 10th Esxense in 2018: visit our booth via this video or read this beautifully in-depth review at Fragrantica.

Esxense in 2018: RBR booth tour

Polish perfume blog Agar I Pismo reviews TUNDRA and suggests that this cedar-centric, masculine masterpiece is ideal for both a day at the office and for a date.

“…down a dark forest path” — Gio of Beautiful with Brains reviews our Collector’s Coffret Provenance Tales, whereas Lenallure dissects the Fragrant Confections Coffret.

Collector’s Coffret Provenance Tales reviewed

“Silhouette makes you feel as if you have wandered into a clearing in the woods, and that you’ve just laid down on a bed of fresh wood chippings to take a nap in the warm sunshine. Maybe some lumberjack has set his tools down on a tree stump a little way away and at times you can just catch the scent of the sun warming the oil and metal. Ferns waft around your head, the air is fresh and unsullied by city pollution, and you feel like you can rest here, safe and surrounded by nature.”
The Sniff, Silhouette review

Finally, if you ever wanted to have a closer look a tour Discovery Coffret, read Tavia’s review on her blog Chicprofile.

In the mix

From Kris at BellessereStyle (“Bellessere” is a clever portmanteau of Italian words for beauty and well-being) comes a “peppered” review of our latest RAW GARDEN ‘Luna’.

RBR beauty gift setsOr, and are you perhaps on the fence about one of our new Gift Sets? Kris got your covered with an in-depth review of the Treasures & Delights gift set ‘Smoke and Ice’ with a bunch of stunning photos and close-ups.

By the way, Beauty News NYC call Treasures & Delights “divine, darling, and perfect for gifting”.

+ + + Monsoon-approved! Indian beauty blogger Rakhshanda Rizvi reviews RBR Sheer Lipstick ‘Jasmine-Weighted Air’: „beautiful glossy finish with none of the stickiness of lipglosses“ + + +  AUBADES AND SERENADES was swatched and reviewed by Mary of Beauty Cooks Kisses. Described as “ropy, jellylike texture that blends beautifully with foundation”, the Colour-Matching Concentrate has saved an overly pale foundation from its untimely end + + +

RBR burgundy red mascara

„WITCHERY Modelling Mascara in Red Nightfall. This deep wine shade (yes, really it's a red!) is sure to catch eyes in the best way possible. We loved using it for a night out to switch up our looks, but we have to say that it's just about subtle enough to wear throughout the day. If red still isn’t quite your colour, the WITCHERY line offers the mascara in both black and brown. The rubber brush perfectly separates the lashes, leaving clumps behind and long, defined lashes centre stage. And our favourite part is that you can skip the eyelash curler because this mascara perfectly curls and holds your lashes all day long.”
Amazing PR, Friday Favourites: Eye Feature

From France comes a range review: Lily’s fairytouch did a lovely first impression post about our magical treasures. One more from France: a beautiful brand portrait comes from Carnet de lu. What if you fancy an RBR brand portrait in Italian? In that case, tr3ndygirl got you covered.

Author and 50+ beauty YouTuber Sophie Knightley has reviewed a bunch of RBR products including AUBADES AND SERENADES Colour-Matching Concentrate. For the latter she shares a helpful “hack” of blending the product with sunscreen to help cover the greyish cast + + + German beauty blogger Melanie of Mel et Fel celebrated her blog’s 7th anniversary with a slew of giveaways, one of which included RAW GARDEN ‘Luna’. Discover swatches here + + +

RAW GARDEN ‘Luna’ swatched

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