Burnt Sienna [Autumn-Winter Look]

With our brilliantly reformulated Tinted Luxe Balm now available in seven brilliant shades, this new alluring beauty look is sure to turn you into a fascinating, artistic creature.

With the POET & PAINTER theme we chose as our guiding star to unique and deep beauty classic art finds its way into the daily make-up routines.


The new look’s name is borrowed from one of the first pigments used by humans to create art. Sienna, like umber and ochre, is one of the primal painters’ colours. It’s been an artist favourite since the glorious days of the Renaissance — and Burnt Sienna, also known as Red Earth or Terra Rossa — is its deeper, iron-infused, redder sibling.

Raw, primordial beauty elegance – an sensual look:

Skin is radiant and pure; the lips luscious and full, and a cold blue, metallic eyeliner brings a futuristic edge into the equation, reminding us of the artistic foresight and the augur-like ability to make fantastic predictions.

Turning all the heads:
Our brand new Tinted Luxe Balm redefines what you can expect from a lipstick with a brilliant colour, a glossy shine, and its powerful plumping and nourishing properties.

Matching fragrance:

INCOGNITO – fascinating with a rich abundance of fragrant facets.

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