Pro Library: translucent, featherlight, GLORIOUS DAYLIGHT

Enjoy a polished make-up finish with a brightened and lustrous finish all day long with our new Skin Perfecting Loose Powder. GLORIOUS DAYLIGHT creates a stunning flawless finish of your make-up whether you use theSkin Perfecting Loose Powder alone, over your favourite tinted moisturiser and foundation or primer.

Impalpable Finishing Powder DIAPHANOUS

Back in 2014 we launched our bestselling Impalpable Finishing Powder DIAPHANOUS with a silky-matt and translucent finish blurring the first signs of ageing. A few days ago we introduced our new pure, silky Skin Perfecting Loose Powder GLORIOUS DAYLIGHT offering a similar effect but creating a soft focus and lustrous finish. But there is even more. In the latest edition of our Pro Library we share all the secrets GLORIOUS DAYLIGHT holds.

Impalpable Finishing Powder DIAPHANOUS

Skin Perfecting Loose Powder GLORIOUS DAYLIGHT


- Super finely milled for a soft focus effect and an undetectable, translucent texture

- Soft opalescence for a vivid vigour

- Barely visible after application

- Feels like a featherlight silky veil

- Long-lasting

- Suitable for all skin tones

- Selected polymers lighten and brighten your skin

- Light-reflective spherical powders of natural origin transform invisible UV light into blue and green light

- Smoothes out fine lines and minimises discolouration


- Does not have any colour

- Does not leave opaqueness orany colour cast, neither white nor greyish

- Isn’t giving you a “powdered”, lifeless look

- Isn’t adding big glitter and sparkling particles (just a soft pearlescent glow)

- Isn’t drying out your skin

- Isn’t setting into fine lines

GLORIOUS DAYLIGHT friends from the Enchanted Garden:
- RBR Powder Brush 001

- Our Tinted Moisturiser in your favourite colour
- Any RBR foundation of your preference

- Our Blush Wands for a pop of colour
- Apply GLORIOUS DAYLIGHT on top of your RBR complexion products: your favourite concealers or favourite RBR primer

Impalpable Finishing Powder DIAPHANOUS

We hope this has been a helpful glimpse into the features of our new GLORIOUS DAYLIGHT powder. Please feel free to ask any powder- or “flawless skin”-related questions in the comments below – our make-up artists are here to help.

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