RBR Enchanted Calendar 2019: September

We are already getting in the mood for fall and enjoy the first mornings with crisp, clear air and the occasional rain shower. Enjoy the fresh new end of summer design of our Enchanted Garden Calendar featuring one of the last summer plants that is still full in bloom.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Enchanted Calendar

Be inspired by our new theme to decorate your working table with some of the last blooming flowers. Fresh hand-picked blossoms and tawny grass make for a wonderful natural bouquet.

The freshness of the last flowers in full bloom reminded us of one of the stories from the Enchanted Garden, when the air seems to sparkle in the morning light due to the rising sun that is being reflected in the water:

There is a spacious area in the Enchanted Garden traversed by mountains with streams and waterfalls leading to a sublime delta with an incredible diversity of species. On the bottom of the mountains lies the Silver Lake. A part of the Enchanted Garden from where so much magic occurs. This area is constantly changing thanks to the fantastic play of light and shadows caused by the mountains. But regardless of how they evolve, they always reflect the uniqueness and natural beauty of the area.

When dawn is taking over the time in the Enchanted Garden there is something captivating in the air, especially around the Silver Lake. The moment when the first morning sun rays fall over the mountains and touch the lake, everything is sun-drenched. But there is even more. With the combined power of the lake and sun the world enlivens in glorious daylight. The Enchanted Garden is touched in weightless hues of vivid vigour.

-Stories from the Enchanted Garden

You can use the Enchanted Garden motive as a screen background on your computer, laptop or mobile devices. If you would like to print it, we recommend to use heavier paper – maybe even a silky matt version. Print the new motive at home or download the e-format. Click on the images below in the format of your choice (the files open in a new tab).

Rouge Bunny Rouge Enchanted Calendar Rouge Bunny Rouge Enchanted Calendar

Rouge Bunny Rouge Enchanted Calendar

Rouge Bunny Rouge Enchanted Calendar

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