Get back your summer glow

Are you looking for fast and easy make-up tips for a healthy, fresh and bronzed make-up look even in autumn season? We have you covered with our 5 tips!

Rouge Bunny Rouge Complexion Collection

1. Our must-have AS IF IT WERE SUMMER STILL… is the super subtle Bronzing Glow Powder. A perfect match for everyone looking for bronzed but natural glowing skin without any hint of orange undertones.

2. Do you want more? Try the Natural Defining and Contouring Liquid. Lightweight and buildable. Your perfect companion in autumn.

3. The same applies to our Colour-Matching Concentrate. Create your custom shade of foundations, tinted moisturisers and highlighters. It has never been that easy before. You just need one drop of the highly pigmented texture.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Complexion Collection Highlighting Liquid

4. Sold out nearly every year, our award-winning Highlighting Liquid is the no.1 bestseller when it comes to the perfect glow effect. Try it now and bring back the most wonderful summer glow!

5. The Skin Perfecting Loose Powder is our latest addition to our make-up collection. It brightens every skin tone in seconds and leaves a gorgeous silky and lustrous finish. Learn more in our Pro Library.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Complexion Collection Skin Perfecting Loose Powder


Get inspired with our latest video to get your summer glow back:

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