RBR Enchanted Calendar 2019: November

When the nights become cooler and darker, winter feels much closer than the summer that just passed. We find light in all the stories from the Enchanted Garden and our Enchanted Calendars with changing motives every month. Our new calendar motive shows a lush green plant with one of the rare blossoms that looks like it was freshly cut in the Enchanted Garden.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Enchanted Calendar

This season reminds us of a story that we found in the Enchanted Garden years ago…

The Enchanted Garden is an endless, mystical exploration of light and darkness. Contradictory powers as these might appear, they are in fact partners in crime when it comes to creating contrast, for it’s the conjunction of shadow and the lighted space around it that makes a silhouette visible to the eye. This simple essence of all dichotomies makes a silhouette stand out – and the shadows blend in. This is the magic that makes your unique beauty blend in with your true nature and stand out from the crowd. 

-Stories from the Enchanted Garden


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Rouge Bunny Rouge Enchanted Calendar

Rouge Bunny Rouge Enchanted Calendar

Rouge Bunny Rouge Enchanted Calendar Rouge Bunny Rouge Enchanted Calendar

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