RBR presents: Enchanted Calendar March 2020

Spring has sprung and we’re looking forward to an exciting month full of blooming flowers, morning dew and fresh green leaves.  

Rouge Bunny Rouge enchanted calendar design 2020

During the long, dark and cold winter nights, the Enchanted Garden was preparing for the arrival of new season. Let’s embrace the wonderful lush and gorgeous new colours in the garden.

The days become longer and longer. The spring equinox is close. The moment, when day and night are perfectly balanced, when light and dark are equal. With this special day ahead, we wait for exciting moments to happen. Rumours in the Enchanted Garden are, that fairies might appear on the vernal equinox only.

This reminds us of a wonderful story the creatures from the Enchanted Garden are whispering from time to time. You can hear it only if you listen carefully to the murmur.

Deep inside a labyrinth of perfectly topiaried winding lanes in the Enchanted Garden lies the Rose Orchard. The sweet and tantalising fragrance of the roses, combined with the sight of their intense pigments, provokes torturous visions of languorous beauty. The thorns of the flowers, so piercingly sharp, can slice through flesh as though it were air, and the elegant, gorgeous Floribunda-Elves are the only guardians that the roses with their poisonous thorns will allow to tend the orchard. The Floribundas perfectly preen and nurture each flower, and in return they are gifted by the roses with the most effervescent and radiant faces in the whole of the Enchanted Garden, their cheeks exuding happiness and excitement, causing many a lover to fall to his knees.

-Stories from the Enchanted Garden

Click on your preferred design of our March motive to open it in a new tab. You can choose between a very classy version perfectly made for printing for your working table and mobile device.

Rouge Bunny Rouge enchanted calendar design 2020

Rouge Bunny Rouge enchanted calendar design 2020

Rouge Bunny Rouge enchanted calendar design 2020

Heavy and matt paper offers the best quality if you would like to print the high-resolution motives. You can choose between landscape and vertical designs. The horizontal version works perfectly fine for your computer and laptop. For tablets we have created the vertical calendar while a single version for your mobile phone can be found at the bottom of the post.

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