• Esxence: The Art of Perfumery Event

    The sixth edition of Esxence attracted perfumers, fragrance lovers and distributors alike to meet at 'The Art of Perfumery' event in Milano. RBR was one of the exhibitors of this exclusive niche perfumery fair showcasing our Provenance Tales and Fragrant Confections Eau de Parfum fragrances.

    Rouge Bunny Rouge Fragrance Confections Collection Provenance Tales Esxence

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  • How do you define a treasure?

    Is it a thing of beauty? A luxurious object? Is it defined by its rarity or by a sentimental memory?

    Treasure Rouge Bunny Rouge

    You know us: for Rouge Bunny Rouges a treasure is a rare offering from the Enchanted Garden, a piece of art for your collection, a beautiful collectable.

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  • New In: Impalpable Finishing Powder

    This completely transparent powder allows you to finish your make-up routine or to underline your natural beauty when worn alone for a velvet soft result.

    Impalpable FInishing PowderWith the incredibly smooth feeling of vaporous silk, a fine dusting of this invisible loose powder softens unwanted flaws and rewards the complexion with an even skin tone and velvety matt finish.
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  • New In: 'Allegria' and 'Muse'

    We are introducing the two new scents 'Allegria' and 'Muse' as part of our Fragrant Confections Collection.

    'Allegria', a green floral woody scent, can best be described with pure nature, the lush feel of leaves and moss, like the endless mossy lands of Kyoto.

    Allegria Rouge Bunny Rouge Fragrant Confections

    'Muse', a woody floral cedarwood, is a contrast between the sensuality and femininity of jasmine and dark & addictive woody ambery back notes.

    Muse Rouge Bunny Rouge Fragrant Confections

    For a full list of notes and fragrance descriptions visit our Web Boutique.

  • Introducing: Two New Fragrances


    Infused with luminescence, 'Muse' has the seductive pull of a moth to the flame. Silky-scented notes are poised to reveal an earthy eroticism with the charismatic wiles of a forbidden flower. In enticing whisperings, the airy touch of fruity sweetness barely contains a jasmine accord, so deeply sensual, its more suggestive of artful potion than perfume. Creamy florals reaching out from resinous woods, moss and musk, keep you locked in the heart of 'Muse' forever.

    'Allegria’s' vital scent sweeps the senses on a roller-coaster of giant stems, plunging and twisting across an Edenic landscape. In this botanical haven, sugared, citrus fruits in a delectable blend of sweet and sour saturate the air, the subsiding tide of sappy-green giving way to feelings of happy solace. While golden flowers and lustrous, metallic tones provide warmth and strength, the immovable struts on which 'Allegria' performs with the excited energy of a much-loved big dipper.

    For a full list of notes and fragrance descriptions visit our Web Boutique.

  • NEW IN: Two new Long-lasting Eye Shadow shades (plus make-up artist tips)

    The latest eye shadow combination from Rouge Bunny Rouge in two complementary, timeless shades provides a versatile, miniature colour palette that can be used to create a variety of looks. These ultimate hues have a unique chameleon-like effect, expressing subtle differences from one skin tone to another, bestowing a unique result and personal style. What remains the same is the luminous satin-finish and soft, luxurious texture that ensures these covetable colours glide perfectly over the skin and are very easy to blend.

    Long-lasting Eye Shadow WHEN BIRDS ARE SINGING

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  • NEW IN: 'Tanzanite Essence' Quartz Eyeliner (plus make-up artist tips)

    Play with your eye make-up with our new easy to apply Quartz Eyeliner ‘Tanzanite Essence’. This rich sapphire shade will catch the light to illuminate your eyes and bestow a mysterious look.

    Quartz Eyeliner DEVOTION INK Tanzanite Essence

    Use it in either intricate or statement lines, alone or over eye pencils or shadows. This shade is a perfect match to our ‘Blue Roan’ Satin Eyeliner or ‘Vera’ Eye Khol.

    The soft, water-based formula ensures tender application while Borosilicates, minute particles of artificial quartz, fill the formula with an incredible shine and shed a coquettish lustre onto the lines.

    The eyeliner allows for high coverage, dries quickly, is super long-wear and has excellent skin compatibility.


    Before using the Quartz Eyeliner, shake well to wake all the ingredients up and distribute them evenly through the liquid base.

    For a perfect line, stretch the upper eyelid slightly and apply alone or over a pencil for added depth of colour.

    DEVOTION INK can be blended and smudged while still wet and used as an eye shadow.

    For swatches, please visit our Quartz Eyeliner board on Pinterest.

  • NEW IN: RBR Blender & Highlighter Brushes


    Our two new brushes, RBR Highlighter 014 and Blender 016, complete our brush set of sixteen professional tools that are recommended by make-up artists and customers alike. Achieve a flawless finish with liquid and powder textured highlighters using the Highlighter Brush 014 and blend any eye shadow like a pro with the Blender Brush 016.

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  • Provenance Tales - New perfume collection

    With unique eclectic flair Alexandra De Montfort draws both textural and philosophical inspiration from the elements of earth, water, air and fire in her trinity of opulent scents that shape the second collection. Expect the unexpected. Accords smoulder, fizz and take flight, feeling as refreshing as effervescent liquids or tumultuous air, as grounded as the earth less trodden in the garden’s deepest forests. Each fragrance glows with the power of divination, manifesting its auspicious story through a beautifully crafted aroma that promises a more vibrant, magical way of living. Choose from shadowed-silver flacon engraved with fire, horns or wings and revel in the release of your personal augury.

    Beauty Fragrance Rouge Bunny Rouge Provenance Tales Fragrance

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    'Atlantis' step-by-step guide   

    RBR Summer Look 'Atlantis' from Rouge Bunny Rouge on Vimeo.

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  • 'Atlantis' - Our new Summer Look

    The second chapter of our Enchanted Journey draws from the graceful mystique of the lost civilization that is ‘Atlantis’.

    The look is ethereal and pure, inspired by the legendary isle that is brimming with magnificent palaces and temples, and was the domain of an ideal society. Within one fateful day and night the realm was devoured by the ocean’s gargantuan embrace, leaving only whispers of a glorious existence.


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  • Review: Magnitude Mascara UBIQUITOUS

    What bloggers say about the unique formula of our new Magnitude Mascara:

    Visionary Beauty: "The first thing that struck me was how light weight the tube and brush feel, it makes application feel a lot more comfortable […].The fibre brush separates, lengthens and gives lift and creates a fluttery look. I really like that it catches all the lashes as I find most mascara cannot pick up my finer, smaller ones.

    Best Things in Beauty: “Magnitude Mascara is exactly what its name suggests, a volumizing mascara that will amp up your lashes. The color, Almandine is one of the deepest, most natural brown shades I've ever used. […] It reminds me of the most luxurious dark chocolate. […] No doubt, the fairies in the Enchanted Garden worked their magic. Plus, the wand is designed to apply a good coat in one swipe to add volume and length to your lashes.

    Magnitude Mascara_Almandine

  • New In: Magnitude Mascara

    Our true all-rounder for otherworldly, silky, luminous and flexible lashes available now in two shades: Titanian (luminous black) & Almandine (luminous brown).

    Titanian Magnitude Mascara Ubiquitous

    Our unique formula includes Silk Protein that ensures wonderful flexibility and natural feel in wear while it restructures and protects your lashes.

    In combination with the three natural compounds Paraffin Wax, Carnauba Wax and Beeswax it imparts a soft texture for flexibility, volume and superior luminosity.

    A new fibre brush guarantees enhanced dimension of your lashes - separating, lengthening, curvaceously curling, adorning with a sleek, glistening and deeply intense colour.

    The perfect mascara for silky, long, fluttery lashes.

    Magnitude Mascara Ubiquitous Titanian   Magnitude Mascara Ubiquitous Almandine

    For more information and application tips, please visit the product detail page of Magnitude Mascara at our Web Boutique.

    Catch your dreams and collect them in our refined, elegant BOX OF DREAMS - our COMPLIMENTARY GIFT at our Web Boutique for a limited time only!


  • Mattifying Primer

    As the weather begins to warm the skin begins to produce more oil. As a result, a mattifying base may become a necessity in your routine regardless of whether your skin leans dry or oily. Our Mattifying Primer METAMORPHOSES is a fantastic product to have as part of your beauty arsenal - it is ideal for warmer climates, managing excess oil production, yet protecting the skin with anti-aging ingredients.

    Blanka of the Anatomy of Beauty blog recently gave our Mattifying Primer a try - find out her thoughts on this novelty below!

    Anatomy of Beauty Click above image to access Blanka's review!

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  • Fragrant Confections

    With the newest addition to our line of Fragrant Confections, Incantation, now available, we thought it would be a great idea to give you a little synopsis of each fragrance to help you whittle down your options and decide which of our scents would best characterize you.

    Sigrun of Riktig Parfym also sampled three of our Fragrant Confections and shared her thoughts on the collection. Take a look at her blog post for a customer's view on some of our scents. We should also mention that  with each order placed on our Web Boutique we are including a four-piece sampler of our Fragrant Confections!

    Fragrance Click above image to access Sigrun's blog post!

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