• RBR Enchanted Calendar 2019: June

    One of the most coveted plants might be the orchid thanks to the variety of shapes and forms and wide range of colours it comes in. This graceful and exotic flower is featured in our Enchanted Calendar motive for June.  

    Rouge Bunny Rouge Beauty Make-up Enchanted Calendar

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  • RBR Enchanted Calendar 2019: May

    Red is one of our favourite colours when it comes to bothflowers in the Enchanted Garden and lipsticks or blushes.

    RBR Enchanted Garden Calendar

    In May everything is in full bloom while we eagerlywait for summer to arrive. Welove to stroll around in the Enchanted Garden during the morning hoursof May, spottingdew on the blossoms and leavesof trees. It’s a magical timein the daywhen the air is still crisp and our cheeks get a soft rosy touch because of the fresh wind floating through the dawn…

    This reminds usofa storythat was written wellbefore our brandcame into the world:

    When acts of magic happen in our world, the weave of the Enchanted Garden opens and captures it as swiftly as the wind’s winged messenger.

    In just such an auspicious instance the muse inspired the great painters. 

    -Stories from the Enchanted Garden

    With our new Enchanted Calendar motive,you can bring the dewyvibe of Mayto your working table or mobile device. Discover a new colourful theme for this month.

    RBR Enchanted Garden Calendar RBR Enchanted Garden Calendar
    RBR Enchanted Garden Calendar RBR Enchanted Garden Calendar
    RBR Enchanted Garden Calendar RBR Enchanted Garden Calendar
    RBR Enchanted Garden Calendar RBR Enchanted Garden Calendar

    Print the elegant motive at home or download the e-format for your smartphone, tabletor desktop. Click on the images below in the format of your choice (files are opening in a new tab).

    The high-resolution file is suitable for printing (achieve the best results on heavy or glossy paper) in landscape or vertical format (fits your laptop screen, too). There are various wallpapers for tablets or smartphones in a minimalistic version, too.

    Show us how you use your #EnchantedCalendar on social media by tagging us – find us @rougebunnyrouge on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

  • Happy Easter from Rouge Bunny Rouge

    Happy Easter

  • RBR Enchanted Calendar 2019: April

    With April the season has changed into spring. After equinox the days become longer and longer in the Enchanted Garden and everything is already in full bloom. Our team and all creatures of the garden especially enjoy the cherry blossoms and the way the sun rays flicker through the branches creating a play of light and shadow. Have you already seen them too?

    Rouge Bunny Rouge Enchanted Calendar

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  • Happy Women's Day

    Happy Women's Day Rouge Bunny Rouge Visual

  • RBR Enchanted Calendar 2019: March

    Spring is close now in the Enchanted Garden and colourful plants and trees awake in their first lush greens. Wander through the Enchanted Garden with us and embrace the change of the season with our new calendar motive for March.

    Rouge Bunny Rouge Enchanted Calendar Greenery Motive

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  • A message from the Enchanted Garden

    Happy Valentine's Day

  • RBR Enchanted Calendar 2019: February

    Follow us again for another step through the Enchanted Garden and discover our new February calendar motive.­­­

    Rouge Bunny Rouge Exchange Calendar February 2019

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  • RBR presents: 2019 Enchanted Calendar

    Be enticed by our new Enchanted Calendar 2019 that takes you right away to a walk through the Enchanted Garden. Today we reveal our January calendar motive.

    Rouge Bunny Rouge Enchanted Calendar January 2019 Rouge Bunny Rouge Enchanted Calendar January 2019

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  • We welcome the New Year and Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2019

    All the team from Rouge Bunny Rouge and the Enchanted Garden wishes you a enticing and happy New Year.

    With 2019 we start a make-up season that energizes and enlivens at the same time with the new Pantone Colour of the Year ‘Living Coral’. Our make-up artists put together same products inspiration for bold and natural looks using a selection of coral hues. Because there are plenty of ways how to wear the colour of the year 2019.

    Rouge Bunny Rouge Colour of the year 2019 Rouge Bunny Rouge welcomes the Colour of the Year 2019

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  • Enchanted Holidays

    The entire Enchanted Garden wishes you the most beautiful Festive Season and a very Happy New Year. Sparkle, laugh and be merry.

    Rouge Bunny Rouge Enchanted Holidays

  • RBR Enchanted Calendar 2018: December

    Every creature in the Enchanted Garden is already in festive mood. Everything is splendidly decorated and we particularly enjoy combining shades of red with a hint of creamy white and fresh hues of gentle green this year.

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  • RBR Enchanted Calendar 2018: November

    In the Enchanted Garden we particularly enjoy all kinds of greenery, especially those in a lush green colour and with long stems. They offer a touch of elegance and can be used in gardens, as houseplants and even for decorative flower bouquets.

    RBR Enchanted Calendar 2018: November


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  • Coming Soon: Sensual Textures, Smouldering Beauty Look

    Discover our new beauty look — perfect for those cool days of Autumn and the festive Winter nights to come.

    The look launch will also feature our redefinition of what can be expected from a lip product: our new Tinted Luxe Balms we introduced to you some days ago.

    Prepare to get enchanted!

    Rouge Bunny Rouge Beauty Look Burnt Sienna

  • RBR Enchanted Calendar 2018: October

    Some would say old-fashioned – we say this charming, elegant old cottage garden flower with gorgeous bold sky-blue blossoms and intense green stems shouldn’t be missed among annual garden plants. 


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