• Celebrate Love – and Magic


    It’s Valentine for some, Galentine for others, and others just don’t care. We at RBR believe firmly that every day is worth a soupcon of whimsy, and that some mysteriously enthralling perfume is the best way to add a spark of magic to our daily grind. That’s why in February 2017 we invite you to treat yourself to a fragrant treasure from the Enchanted Garden and have a little extra to give to a lovely friend. Or the other way around! You decide.
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  • Fragrances – Not Afraid To Be Different

    Spring fragrances are often associated with lightness and freshness. Sparkling breezy florals and sweet, powdery orientals are our way to savour the warm and sunny season. From the fragrance connoisseurs in our team come the following three unexpected tips for lavish olfactory provocation.
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