Vapours of Captured Memories

Fragrant Confections & Provenance Tales

  • "Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough."
    Emily Dickinson

    Radiant and serene: our inaugural collection of Eaux de Parfum for Her.

    We have imagined and created fragrances that explore our most intimate sensual and intellectual dichotomies. Vivacious and exhilarant, exciting a spiritual delight, these olfactory treasures are developed exclusively by a selected few from Europe’s best perfumers.

    Each heavy satin glass bottle is adorned with an icy clear flo wer illustration; the white boxes have the look and feel of silk brocade.

    Discover the pleasures of Rouge Bunny Rouge FRAGRANT CONFECTIONS: 'Arcadia', 'Allegria', 'Lilt', 'Vespers' and 'Chatoyant'.

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  • "Those who restrain desire do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained."
    William Blake

    Our masterpiece collection of concentrated unisex Eaux de Parfum.

    With unique eclectic flair our perfumers draw both textural and philosophical inspiration from the elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Aether with this range of divinely magnetic fragrances that shape the second collection.

    Opulence is the first word that comes to mind here. Unrestrainedly luxurious, these fragrances are stunning olfactory visions of the five elements.

    Black glass flacons, engraved with nocturnal drama, mirror the desire to deliver a deeper, darker side of the Enchanted Garden.

    Discover the impressive PROVENANCE TALES, 'Embers', 'Incognito', ‘Tundra’ and ‘Silhouette’.

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  • “Love is the only gold.”
    – Alfred Tennyson

    Limited and pure: our CRYSTAL EDITION Concrète de Parfum completes the Neo-Victorian lifestyle perfectly.

    Modelled on Victorian musical boxes, the lacquered white case holds the heavy, silver-rimmed bottle with the faceted stopper and the crystal applicator. The applicator wand makes extracting the pearlescent solid perfume with one easy and elegant move a delicious, luxurious ritual.

    Discover ‘Arcane’, the first fragrance from the limited CRYSTAL EDITION.

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The Rouge Bunny Rouge Art of Perfumery

We ensure every RBR product is innovative, inspiring, and delivers on the promise to enhance your natural beauty.

Dedicated to merging craftsmanship with technical prowess and aesthetic vision, she created pure olfactory excellence that captures the poetry of the Enchanted Garden with its underlying wistfulness and musing nostalgia for times passed.

Like the eponymous make-up and skincare, the Rouge Bunny Rouge fine fragrances feel like a mysterious gift from the Enchanted Garden.

Thoughtful. Exquisite. Beautifully Crafted.

For us, the creation of a fragrance is a process that starts with a story rooted in the rich pleasures of the mind; history, literature, art and philosophy intertwine and inspire. The art is to see a whole world in the spark of one fragrant impression.

One master perfumer is invited to create each fragrance and, in a close collaboration, our olfactory visions come to life. Nothing in this process is left to chance: the exquisite ingredients, the latest expert knowledge obey to the clear definition worthy of the mystical world of the Enchanted Garden. The ornate flacons and elegant boxes are designed to excite all senses.

For FRAGRANT CONFECTIONS, the imaginative packaging is feminine and beguiling, from the brocade-like, silky to the touch boxes adorned with lacy patterns, to the sand-brushed, heavy glass flacons with transparent flower illustrations, engraved silver neckbands and smart stoppers.

For PROVENANCE TALES, the bottles are dark and faceted, reminiscent of precious smoky quartz. Adorned with delicate engravings, shining black neckbands and nocturnal stoppers, they rest in the wearer’s hand like extravagant vintage ink bottles, ready to tell an enchanting story.