Vapours of Captured Memories

Fragrant Confections

Fragrant Confections Collection

ARCADIA: Aristocratic, mischievous and ambrosial like an excellent white wine, Arcadia is a magnetic balance of fragrant and exotic woody vapours, vibrant fruity flowers, hot metallic and dry mineral notes.

TENERA: A luminous woody oriental, a vision of strength and softness. Glowing in the fragrant darkness of rich woody, balmy and leather notes, resides the magnificent harmony of vanilla, rum and black pepper.

ALLEGRIA: Nature. The lush feel of leaves and moss, like the endless mossy lands of Kyoto.

MUSE: Contrast between the sensuality and femininity of jasmine and the dark & addictive woody ambery back notes.

LILT: Be seduced by fig leaves, peach and coco, layered with frosted violets, overgrown with bitter green and bound by smoky vetiver. Find yourself in a storm-ravaged garden where these elegant prismatic notes flit from sunlight to shade.

VESPERS: Rose, muguet and violet light the shadows of black pepper’s cool corridors awash with crushed leaves, cinnamon and apple. Follow diaphanous wisps of sweet woods through a canopy of perfumed blossoms.

INCANTATION: Blackcurrant, mint and spices, fanned by giant fig leaves, precede the spellbinding dance of silky rose and vetiver. Succumb to the call of this fragrant enchantress and swathe the skin in a darkly divine, aromatic adornment.