Vapours of Captured Memories

Provenance Tales

Provenance Tales Collection

CYNEFIN: Davana and angelica create an effervescent wave of delight as earthy, ambery, woody tones infuse a masculine edge. Through all the notes comes the fizz and hiss of escaping lavender-vapour. Bring joy to the senses and draw back the veil of the everyday with just one lively spritz.

INCOGNITO: An addictively exciting and provocative fragrance, drawing its unabashed, animal magnetism from the masquerade of deliciously fruity flowers under the elegant veil of musky spices and suede notes.

EMBERS: Pink pepper, nutmeg and clove in a harmony of hot and cold spices are gently stoked by trails of incense, rich resins, balms and woods. Rouse this modern oriental with the skin’s heat and see how it renews from what it once was to even brighter flame.

SILHOUETTE: A precious woody Eau de Parfum, vibrant with a near animal, barely tamed vigour, inspired by the world of visual arts. Energising spices, voluptuous ambergris and modern leather create a perfect harmony of raw and refined energies.

SILVAN: Juniper and grapefruit, in a cool, composed and sparkling opening, transcend deep layers of guaiac wood, incense, black pepper and patchouli. Cloak the skin in a perfect harmony of citrus and woods infused with the forest’s air of wisdom and calm.

TUNDRA: A woody floral, evolving around luxurious cedarwood is a harmony of fresh and spicy top notes followed by rich spicy florals and a warm, carnal base of moss, musk and vetiver.