Provenance Tales

Cynefin’s sprightly herbaceous overtures, fizzing in delight, evoke curious consideration. What at first appears exhilarating and light leads to much deeper connotations.

In an assured greeting Davana’s chameleon-like balsamic, green and herbal tones, laced with camphor and peppery angelica, infuse the composition with perpetual energy. All the while floating on the scented crest of this effervescent wave is a sense of recognition and belonging that sweetly vibrant lavender wakes from slumber. Ever present, graceful and suave, this lilac-hued protagonist is happy in its own company yet clearly conducts the throng of oscillating notes in flight. The impression of soft Nappa leather from crushed violet leaves brings a balancing masculine edge that diffuses as if the clean and fresh aroma is rising after rain. Sensual musks overlaid with amber add a rich velvety softness and a dry woody trace, ensuring this scent born from the moment water meets air is full and burgeoning.

Flooding throughout the fragrance with the fizz and hiss of escaping vapour, Cynefin unexpectedly draws back the veil of the everyday to bestow an overwhelming sense of joy.

Our Eau de Parfums are phthalate-free, paraben-free and suitable for vegans.

Floral, Ambery

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