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Glassy Gloss


With our ultra-creamy and rich Glassy Gloss your lips will be plumped to a mouth-watering fullness, and a lavish dream-star shine. Irresistible. Like a scrumptious dessert that cheers you to the bones just by inhaling it, these colours radiate spicy sweetness and utterly intoxicating decadence.

All of these luscious candy drops of colour are heaped with exotic ingredients to create the most pleasant feeling you can imagine for a gloss. These SWEET EXCESSES are surprisingly creamy and long-lasting. They deliver a perfectly full coverage and highly pigmented colour in one stroke sculpting your lips with an optical plumping effect.

The deliciously creamy formula combines a non-sticky finish with intense moisturising properties which have an immediate effect on dry skin. Vitamin E works as an anti-oxidant with a moisturising and anti-ageing effect, smoothing out your delicate lips structure.

6 ml / 0.2 fl oz

This line of glosses is an exceptionally tempting interpretation of the ambrosial table of sweets in the Enchanted Garden. Naughty, but oh-so-nice!
If you naturally have a darker lip colour, first use Luminous Skin Wand to lighten up and get a more fresh and brilliant colour.

Use our Long-lasting Lip Pencil to contour your lips and prevent "bleeding".

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Crème Caramel  (NEW)
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Red Velvet Tart (NEW)