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Colour Burst Lipstick


The easy glide, weightless formula with moisturising, lip-shaping and skin-protecting benefits comes in five delicate, rich colours with an outstandingly radiant finish.

The sensual pleasure of a highly precise application is combined with powerful skincare benefits chosen to create a more defined and attractive pout.

The fiercely beautiful royal dragonflies from the Enchanted Garden inspired us to concoct this glorious beam of a lipstick for you.

Their buzzing intensity has been poured into the most vividly delectable hues imaginable, to make your lips appear instantly fuller, and bewitchingly luminous. There are enough shades to satisfy even your strongest colour cravings. The exact texture for every one of these wearable, yet intensely powerful and pigment-dense shades has been carefully chosen so that each can have its most fitting expression. Whichever you choose, you’ll be sure to stand out like a bird of paradise amongst a field of sparrows. Go ahead and cast a boldly magical spell!
To acquire full lips place a lighter version of a lipstick or gloss in the middle of your lips and smudge a little bit to the outer line. The reflection gives your lips a 3-D effect.

To make your lips look fuller, use a lip pencil first, just on the outer edge of your natural lip line. Fill in with lipstick. Draw a very fine line of our 'Sea of Clouds' Highlighting Liquid on the top of your cupid's bow. Finally, apply a little gloss in a lighter or opalescent shade in the centre of both upper and lower lips.

To make lipstick last longer, apply our Long-lasting Lip Pencil to the entire lip area, allow to dry for 10 seconds and then apply the lipstick or gloss of your choice.

If your lip line is uneven, use a little Liquid Foundation over the lips first to create a blank canvas on which to create the perfect pout.

For swatches, please visit us on Pinterest.


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