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Long-lasting Lip Pencil


2 for 1 Valentine's Day Offer: Choose two shades and pay for one only. Offer ends 19 February 2020.

Overwhelmed by its beauty, we captured the essence and softness of its everlasting magical colours in FOREVER YOURS... lip pencils. Their soft heart glides on as smoothly as a ship on the calmest of seas, to keep your lips supremely in view. You'll treasure the incomparable staying power, allowing you fearlessly explore your thirst for new things - knowing that you look impeccable. Drink and be merry, kiss and be cherished. It’s so wear-resistant it’s almost as unstoppable as you. Go ahead and write your own navigation chart, you’ll be safely on course to sail off with whatever treasures you desire…

Once upon a time, a shrouded scroll with a magnificent navigation map, traced by whimsical lines, was found in the Enchanted Garden.
Outline the lip contour with the pencil to get well defined lips, then use the RBR Lip Brush 010 to soften the colour inwards and then use the lip brush to apply your favourite lipstick or lip gloss on top, to give a professional finish.

Use the broad side of the pencil to softly tint the entire mouth, leave for a second and apply gloss, Lip Balm or Lip Potion.

To make the lips look fuller, using RBR Lip Brush 010, draw a fine line of the 'Sea of Clouds' (silver / white) Highlighting Liquid along the centre of the outer top lip contour after using the lip liner and lipstick. Finally, apply a little of a lighter shade lip gloss to the centre half only of both top and bottom lips.

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