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RBR Eye Shadow Keepers

€14.00 excl. shipping
Your favourite shades will be wrapped in a sleek black compact adorned with RBR flowers. You can choose between universal and elegant Duo or Trio Keepers which are both handy, must-have tools. These exquisite pieces have a compact size ideal for travelling or just for storing your beloved eye shadows, and include a useful double-sided applicator.

These incredibly convenient Eye Shadow Keepers feature an array of new Long-lasting Eye Shadows in our well-known buttery texture. New essential and versatile colours for any occasion can be selected and will be securely packed for wherever you go. You can mix rich natural shades such as bronzed champagne and dark umber chocolate with bestsellers like Abyssinian Catbird, Unforgettable Oriole and Solstice Halcyon to achieve stylish and natural looking make-ups alike.

The Eye Shadow Keepers don't include any refills, please choose from our range of Long-lasting Eye Shadow Refills separately.

39 g / 1.38 oz


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RBR Eye Shadow Keepers - Duo Keeper