A closer look: The Eye Shadow Palette ENCHANTED FOREST

We at Rouge Bunny Rouge are lovers of elegant shades that are wearable and stunning in the same time. Since we launched our brand more than a decade ago our Long-lasting Eye Shadows weren’t a one-hit-wonder only. All shades received raving reviews and all collections were bestsellers. It became time to work on something very special again.

We believe in make-up with great signature textures – efficient, versatile, easy to use and a sensual pleasure to the touch.

It takes a lot of meticulous research and back-and-forth workflows to obtain such a texture – and now, here we are with our new collection of 24 eye shadow shades. We tried to keep it a secret for so long, now we are more than excited to introduce our novelty.

Eagerly anticipated, the Eye Shadow Palette ENCHANTED FOREST collection has been designed to become your perfect partner in crime for natural looks and magnetic smokey eyes.


The iridescent and matt Long-Lasting Eye Shadows come with 4 palettes – each holds 6 most compelling shades. The long-lasting texture is light and soft and holds for hours.

Its case open in anticipation like the delicate wings of a stunningly beautiful black butterfly. Our sleek matt étuis are decorated with opulent illustrations created by our artists. The glossy delicate leaves and buds on the magnetic case are inspired by the Enchanted Garden, of course. 

With our brand-new Eye Shadow Palette ENCHANTED FOREST you get a palette of iridescent and natural shades that are ideal to create a perfect day look but also enticing and quick evening make-ups in the formula of your favourite RBR long-wear eye shadow texture. 

At the ChateauEye Shadow Palette – The classic mix of our most gorgeous nude shades combined with black hues

Semi opaque matt creamy beige

Semi opaque chestnut puree with a hint of cocoa dust

Iridescent pale gold, pure and simple

Delicate, metallic rose gold

Semi opaque smoky black

Charcoal-dust black, with silver accents

The Blue Star-sprinkled NightEye Shadow Palette (Exciting blue shades combined with natural matt and highlighter hues)

Semi opaque matt vanilla

Metallic silvery-white pewter (Excellent highlighting eye shadow)

Scintillating light gold champagne

Vibrant, iridescent with silver pearls (The night sky captured with a thousand stars)

Semi opaque smoky slate grey 

Semi opaque pale sea blue

Sensual DawnEye Shadow Palette (Precious red and honey hues combined with matt shades)

Semi opaque matt creamy beige

Semi opaque chestnut puree with a hint of cocoa dust

Iridescent golden dust, warmed with a hint of pale mandarin

Semi opaque matt burnt sienna

Iridescent bronzed champagne 

Tender Equilibrium’ Eye Shadow Palette (Pure forest shades)

Shimmering marsala with silver iridescence

Semi opaque matt creamy beige

Semi-opaque matt pure umber

Iridescent turmeric cinnamon with honey highlights

Semi-opaque matt grey with a dust of chocolate

Metallic bronze with golden highlights

Deep lustrous pine green with silver highlights

Eye Shadow Palette ENCHANTED FOREST is available now in our Web Boutique.

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