A touch of Neo-victorian grandeur – 5 BLUSH WAND Pro tips [Make-up tutorial video]


1. You can use our multi-purpose wand directly on your skin. Apply our Blush Wand FLOWERS & PORTRAITS along your cheekbones up to the outer edges of the cheeks. Blend up and outward using a light buffing motion and the warmth of your fingertips for a gorgeous, glowing and healthy complexion. ‘Renoir’, a semi-transparent, medium soft rose petal pink, looks intense in the packaging, but can be applied as a soft, transparent and super fresh veil of colour.

2. A few layers can be used for more intensity. Our Blush Wands can be easily layered for more control and the right amount of colour you wish or for a stronger effect: simply start with a soft application first and then apply a second or even third layer with your fingertips or a brush. It can be re-applied over the day if needed, too.

3. Use our blushes for your cheeks, eyes and lips. It can create a wonderful pop of colour on your eyelids or to intensify your lips shade with an ultra-sheer comfortable layer of colour.

4. Are you looking for a very subtle hint of freshness? It can be achieved when you apply a soft layer of our Blush Wands with your fingertips. Our make-up artists recommend ‘Rossetti’, a semi-transparent beige-rose with the barest hint of peach.

5. Our blushes can be used for a very natural and colour balanced make-up. Simply apply the same colour of blush to your cheeks, eyelids and lips. Blend the texture carefully with fingertips. For the summer holiday season our make-up artists use ‘Klimt’, a semi-transparent, medium warm rosy coral. ‘Vrubel’, the semi-transparent, medium sangria, with ice looks gorgeous on cool, medium and darker skin tones.

For more inspirations watch our video:

It takes only a few seconds to apply our cream-to-powder texture streak-free. Try our four delicious and flattering shades now. The perfect match for those who enjoy a bold lip shade is our Long-lasting Lip Pencil ‘Francis’, a true scarlet red.

The multifunctional stick is perfectly made for your beauty bag and for travelling. So do not miss it when you try to pack light for your next journey.

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