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Dearest Rouge Bunny Rouge friend, 

There are Enchanted News ahead. 

It never felt that easy to transform spare or wild eye brows into beautifully defined and full arches.

We are introducing the latest state-of-the-art textures of brow grooming products to achieve perfectly natural eye brows in just one stroke. Create your dream shaped, harmonious eye brows that give your make-up the perfect frame in an instant with our new, easy to use SILHOUETTE OF GRACE Brow Expert Gel. Choose between our two new formulas of the beloved brow gel that will be a staple in your make-up kit:  

The transparent, watery brow fixer and mousse-like brow mascara offer the most natural finishes that last all day long. 

Rouge Bunny Rouge Perfect Expert Brow Gel Packaging Swatches
Expert Brow Gel

The Brow Expert Gel ‘Earthshine’ enhanced your natural brow shades with its rich hazelnut toffee colour. The soft mousse texture dries quickly and is beautifully neutral and adaptive due to its transparency. The synthetic nylon fibres impart immediate optical volume and texture to your brows with a wonderful natural and long-lasting finish. ‘Earthshine’ is infused with calming Panthenol and protecting and restructuring natural ginger extract.  

The easy to use Brow Expert Gel ‘Airglow’ with its absolutely crystal clear, water soluble jelly texture has a pleasant viscosity and soft shine effect. The brow conditioning gel offers a lovely, invisible styling effect that your eye brows look beautifully shaped, feel naturally supple and never sticky. ‘Airglow’ is enriched with protecting and restructuring natural ginger extract. 

Discover now the benefits of our re-formulated SILHOUETTE OF GRACE Brow Expert Gel: 

Choose ‘Earthshine’ for fibre-enriched colour and ‘Airglow’ for ultra-natural-looking and flawless brow definition.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Perfect Expert Brow Gel Packaging Swatches
Expert Brow Gel

We’re delighted to see you soon in the Enchanted Garden.

Ever at your service, Rouge Bunny Rouge

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