New letters from the Enchanted Garden

Dearest Rouge Bunny Rouge friend, 

There are Enchanted News ahead. We welcome you to our new world of Rouge Bunny Rouge. The new RBR Web Boutique lifts its curtains for a wonderful new shopping experience. 

This spring season brings one of the biggest changes to the Rouge Bunny Rouge Web Boutique so far. Tender butterflies, humming bees and chirping birds have already been whispering about it.

RBR stands for timeless and unique beauty.

We captured it in our new elegant and mobile-friendly Web Boutique and added a small touch of whimsy here and there. 

The beautifully strange and mischievous black hare is inviting you to discover the new exquisite beauty world of Rouge Bunny Rouge and enjoy both our make-up and fragrance collections. 

Our make-up is all about efficient and ground-breaking formulas, rich and complex colours, and unmatched signature textures with a lightweight second-skin feel. We blur the line between skin care and make-up with our plethora of active ingredients we add to every product. This wonderful result is what defines the Rouge Bunny Rouge magic – just five minutes in the morning for a flawless, polished, stunning look that lasts all day long. 

The selected fragrances open up a path to your most intimate memories. Just one delicate note has enough power to transcend you into past or future. Majestic and rich, PROVENANCE TALES is a fine fragrance range for nonconformist individuals while the bright and up-beat FRAGRANT CONFECTIONS is a lightsome delight.

There will be exciting new launches in summer and autumn in our new Web Boutique, too. We will stroll through the ENCHANTED FOREST, VELVET WHISPERS will caress your lips, and when the days get short we will be DANCING IN THE DARK. 

We’re delighted to see you soon in the Enchanted Garden.

Ever at your service, Rouge Bunny Rouge

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