Press Ticker: Summer Favourites

In the limelight: Eastern Europe’s beauty editors have whipped up stunning Rouge Bunny Rouge features. 


+ + + Warsaw, Poland + + +

“Moonlight and Roses”, two romantic bridal looks created by the Polish professional make-up magazine Make Up Trendy (1) feature Rouge Bunny Rouge Primers, Long-lasting Eye Pencil, Long-lasting Eye Shadows, Magnitude Mascara UBIQUITOUS, and Bronzing Glow Liquid AS IF IT WERE SUMMER STILL.

+ + + Prague, Czech Republic + + +

Rouge Bunny Rouge is featured in the product suggestions for both Kelly Cuoco’s cover look and several summer fashion looks (2) in the Cosmopolitan.

+ + + Moscow, Russia + + +

The Love 2 Beauty (3) webzine featured our Summer Look ‘Omen’ with a detailed step-by-step tutorial for their readers.

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