Premiers Now: Limited Edition Eye Shadow Palette RAW GARDEN ‘Chronos’

New arrival and our first ever Limited Edition.

An opulent illustration on the lacquered, ornate mirror case holds five brand new metallic shades embossed with an exquisite hummingbird motive.RBR_LimitedEdition-Raw-Garden-Chronos-Closed

A closer look: The Limited Edition Eye Shadow Palette RAW GARDEN ‘Chronos’

We at Rouge Bunny Rouge are lovers of muted, elegant shades that are wearable and stunning in the same time, and we know how many beguiling shades can hide in seemingly simple blacks or greys: there are pinks and purples, blues and greens, pearlescent and exciting.

For maximum effect, our brand new iridescent Long-Lasting Eye Shadows that come with the ‘Chronos’ Palette are declined in five most compelling and delicate metallic shades. The 8-hours-wear texture is light and soft, infused with antioxidants and minerals.

The metallic colours remind of majestic bronze statues, cast iron door knockers or ancient garden benches; silent watchers of time, ennobled with verdigris and with an occasional velvety patch of pale blue moss.

The radiant finish is inspired by the lustre of a black Tahitian pearl, a wondrous child of Nature and Time, black and yet aglow with a multitude of colours.raw-garden-open

From left to right:
‘Champagne Pewter Highlighter’, a peachy metallic champagne
‘Metallic Rosy Brown’, a peacock pink and gold shade
‘Aged Bronze’, an interchanging, cool olive metallic
‘Aubergine Gunmetal’, a dark, gold-tinged eggplant-grey metallic
Midnight Blue Gunmetal’, a deep, smoky blue-grey metallic

This Collectable is a sustainable treat, too: keep the elegant magnetic case to hold your Long-Lasting Eye Shadow Refills.

The limited RAW GARDEN magnetic palette case with the five limited Long-Lasting Eye Shadows  ‘Chronos’ colours is available now.