The RBR Exciting Metamorphosis

Darlings, let’s venture a glimpse into a new and exciting chapter of the Rouge Bunny Rouge story.

In keeping with the motto “Every day is worth a soupcon of whimsy”, the Rouge Bunny Rouge collection has been bringing you playfulness and sophistication from the very beginning – we adore creating unprecedented textures and elegantly twisted fragrances just for you.

To be suitably prepared for our 10th Anniversary in 2016, an Exciting Metamorphosis is taking place this spring.

An Exciting Metamorphosis: What’s to expect


There will be both brand-new RBR products and much-requested additions to the existing range.
For even more wicked RBR elegance, bestsellers will return to you revamped, redefined and improved.
All new and re-formulated products as well as, gradually, the entire range will appear in a brand-new packaging.


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