New In: SILK AETHER Long-lasting Duo Cream Eye Shadow

The ultra-delicate buildable texture of your favourite cream eye shadow is now available as a convenient duo of two bestselling sublime and uniquely beautifying natural hues.

Long-lasting Duo Cream Eye Shadow

Q: Is this the same formula as the Long-lasting Cream Eye Shadow?

A: Absolutely. It’s the beloved long-wear and non-crease, smudge proof formula enriched with de-puffing, rejuvenating extracts of Para Cress Flower and Coffee. The synthetic filming polymers ensure a perfect appearance all day, the innovative Siliconic Wax makes application easy and pleasant.

Q: How to wear the new Long-lasting Duo Cream Eye Shadow?

A: Velvety, soft and perfectly adherent, the cream eye shadow can be worn on its own or to create a particularly long-lasting base for a more elaborate eye make-up.

Q: How do I apply SILK AETHER Long-lasting Duo Cream Eye Shadow?

A: The formula is quite forgiving and can be easily applied with your fingertips. Always start with a small dab of product and blend well – it will look great in no time.

Q: What about the coverage?

A: The unique texture has not only a perfect drytime and a comfortable, second-skin effect – it has the most even coverage that, once set, doesn’t move or wear off as you build up the colour intensity.

Q: What about the finish?

A: The SILK AETHER Long-lasting Duo Cream Eye Shadow has a finish that is best described as a luminous velvet finish
. It’s not matt and not sparkly, just beautifully radiant and flawless.

Q: Why these colours? Will there be more?

A: We have decided to put together two of the most best-selling shades of the single cream eye shadows – for more convenience, in particular for those who apply their make-up on the go.

Rouge Bunny Rouge is known for complex, natural shades, and our brand new SILK AETHER Long-lasting Duo Cream Eye Shadow is no exception, including the most versatile and flattering shades of beige and café latte, ideal for modern contouring and even for softly perfecting hooded eyelids or for beautifying the eye shape.

Right now we do not plan to add any more colours to the range but we do appreciate your input, your reviews, and your ideas greatly, so please try SILK AETHER Long-lasting Duo Cream Eye Shadow

– and please let us know what you think.

One thought on “New In: SILK AETHER Long-lasting Duo Cream Eye Shadow”

  • Hailey

    "Luminous velvet" sounds like an astoundingly beautiful finish and I think I'll absolutely have to include this duo in my next order. I love the Long Lasting Cream Shadows too much as it is!