Meet The Beauty Bloggers: Angie Canning’s Vanity Rouge, USA

You’ll remember our today’s guest from her immaculate beauty looks that she shares in most detailed step-by-step tutorials.
We love Angie’s “no one is perfect” attitude to beauty on one hand, and on the other, the immense attention to detail when it comes to product and beauty look photography. Enjoy our latest instalment of the Meet The Beauty Bloggers series!

The Beauty World
Of Vanity Rouge

In her own words:
“I am a beauty blogger, makeup, skincare and all-around beauty fanatic who is passionate about product photography and videography too.”

The blog: Vanity Rouge
Social media: Facebook or Instagram.

1. What was the first ever RBR product you have used? What was your impression?

The first product I experienced from RBR was Sketches on Water Tinted Moisturiser introduced with the Atlantis Collection. I am still impressed with the coverage of the product, especially for being a tinted moisturiser, and I love that it delivers the skin a fresh natural radiance that lasts all day, making the skin look flawless.

2. What is, to you, beautiful skin?

I see beautiful skin as plump, hydrated, smooth and fresh, with a little imperfection peeking through. Finding complexion products that meld with the skin, brighten, enhance and offer that healthy look are key. A foundation primer with SPF, followed by a fresh tinted moisturizer, BB Cream or light coverage foundation is my go-to. As for skin imperfections, I don’t like to mask them completely – no one is perfect, so why hide it? 

3. Which is your favourite RBR product and why?

My favorite RBR product is Prelude in the Clouds Aqua Primer. Although I have oily skin, this primer is excellent for me in the winter, especially dry areas around the nose and mouth. The water base is extremely lightweight and although I have oily skin I can almost feel my skin drinking it up when I apply it!

4. Would you share a particularly beautifying tip with our readers?

I love to do a classic flick of winged liner with both dramatic and simple eye looks, but that doesn’t mean I’m a pro at winged liner application!

When I make a mistake I take a small amount of the RBR Prelude in the Clouds Aqua Primer on the tip of a cotton bud to go in and correct any mistakes. It easily removes the eyeliner, leaving a layer of primer behind, providing a perfect base to first touch up with eye shadow in that area, then I can fix the wing or eyeliner and it’s good as new!

5. And, last but not least: what is your signature look? 

My signature look is all about a fresh complexion. I like to keep it simple with a primer, light foundation or BB cream, a hint of bronze for color and a rosy color on the cheeks. I keep the eyes simple with a swipe of glistening cream shadow, curled lashes layered with mascara and if I have time I darken up the top lash line by smudging a dark shadow to define. I like to leave the lips for last and often play with a few different shades or formulas before deciding on the perfect one – with a makeup look focused on the skin, the lips can be natural or bold so it’s all about my mood in the moment!

Thank you very much, Angie! ;) 

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