Hedonistic Reflections: “The olfactory surprise in CYNEFIN”

In the second instalment of our new series HEDONISTIC REFLECTIONS, in which a masked perfumer dissects each of our fine fragrances, we take a trip to the seaside. To the wild, windy seaside framed by emerald hills and enchanted dunes that is CYNEFIN. Let’s see if we can penetrate into its olfactory secret.


CYNEFIN [ˈkʌnᵻvɪn] is a wonderful Welsh word, meaning ‘habitat’ or ‘haunt’; but also ‘familiar’ or ‘accustomed, acquainted’.

So the name is not the secret – and our mystery perfumer will take on from here.

“The key notes of CYNEFIN are fresh, green, bitter and powdery: Water, Ozone, Lily of the valley, Violet leaf and powdery Angelica seeds.”

“Ozone top notes mingle with the heart – cold sea and wormwood – but it’s the base notes that hold the fascinating secret of this fragrance.”


“The olfactory surprise of CYNEFIN is in the double base harmony: deceptively fresh with manifestations of warm amber at any given time.”

“If CYNEFIN were a movie scene, it would be the scene from the 1993 drama film The Piano in which the heroine, Ada, is truly alive only when playing her piano left at the empty beach.”