Blogs: Autumn & Winter Favourites 2016

All-time beauty favourites versus 2016 launches in this year’s last bloggers’ favourites post.

Our New Tinted Primer:
SERENE LIGHT Skin Perfector

Look instantly more radiant with our newest tinted primer.
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“Imparts such a beautiful glow.”
– November favourites, eppcoline
[vidéo en Français]

“Just from the swatches you can see
how much light this reflects, and how
lush and hydrated it makes skin look”
Emily Loke

“An ideal base product for winter”
Rakhshanda Chamber of Beauty


“I have been loving this primer
for its masterful skin-evening
properties and tender glow.”
Beauty Professor

“My skin is evened out instantly.”
Little Green Bee
[article en Français]

“…my skin looks like my skin,
just so much nicer!”

Our Latest RAW GARDEN Quartet:

Subdued, grey-laced shades of mauve and purple for a variety of looks.
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“An allrounder that should be in every beauty case.”
[Post auf Deutsch]

“Love at first swipe.”

“On the eyelids, these eyeshadows
are literally like a matte silk, with
super elegant and ethereal finish”
The Brush Stash

“Four matte eye shadows with a satiny payoff.”’


“A unique luminous sheen that almost
makes them appear glossy or 3-dimensional.”
The Point of Vu

“The lovely colour combination and
the packaging make it so very special”
Rouge Repertoire
[Post auf Deutsch]

“I’m really impressed with this palette”
Lipstick & Confetti

Long-Lasting Duo Cream Eye Shadow
SILK AETHER in ‘Birdwing Beauteous’

A sparkling pink gold, a metallic blue-black and all kinds of mixed shades in between – ‘Birdwing Beauteous’ is one product for infinitely many gorgeous beauty looks.
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“Magnificent on the lids”
Little Green Bee
[article en Français]

“You can wear each of the both
shades or a blend of the two as
liquid eyeliner […] The effect is
incredible. In particular if you
use the bright shade.”
Beauty Spion
[Review auf Deutsch]


EYES WIDE OPEN Brightening Liner Duo
New Shade: ‘Glacier Flower’

We promised you a brightening duo pencil that looks natural on your waterline and imparts a transparent luminosity with its highlighting shade.
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“I honestly have never encountered
such a soft waterline pencil in my life.
[…] this liner kills anything out there,
and if you like enhancing the size of
your eyes with makeup then this is
something you need in your life. Buy
it as a Christmas gift to eyeballs.”
Emily Loke

“Your eyes look more awake and
larger, instantly. Good wear.”
Mel et Fel
[Review auf Deutsch]


 All-Time Favourites

Laura Loukola reviews and swatches the Tinted Luxe Balms:
“If you're looking for a luxurious lip treatment for yourself or as a gift, these are a beautiful choice.”

Croatian opera singer and beauty vlogger Andrea Krux lists Liquid Foundation (in ‘Coconut Milk’) and Aqua Primer among her October favourites.

Our Blush Wand CHEEKS IN BLOOM is referred to as a “super lightweight creamy blush that glides on easily and blends beautifully“ on

We love the grungy-cool beauty look shown on the Makeup and Beauty Blog with the special effect created using the SMITHEREENS OF STARS Eye Gloss.


The German beauty blog chose MUSE as their “Autumn must-have” and shared the products they used to create a fresh and luminous beauty look for the superstars, the twins Lisa & Lena.

A lovely review of our FOR LOVE OF ROSES Original Skin Blush in ‘Habanera’ can be found on the German beauty blog lillefein: “A flattering colour for every day and any occasion.” Meanwhile, on Nuts4Stuff, the complete Original Skin Blush range is reviewed and swatched.

We loved to hear how Shameless Fripperies’ Karima describes her favourite powder (DIAPHANOUS) as “the powder for people who hate powder” – discover all of her top favourites in this Ride or Die tag video. And if you’re interested in a No make-up make-up tutorial for oily and dry skin, watch the double feature Sharima tutorial here.

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