Greenery: What Colour Make-up to Pair With Pantone’s Colour of the Year

How does Greenery translate into make-up? What to wear with this trendy colour? Our make-up artists talk about four different ways to make the Pantone colour of the year 2017 work for you.

The fresh green colour chosen by Pantone Institute – Greenery – is amazing for interiors, accessories and packaging, but many of us might find it not-too-flattering on our face.

What to Wear With a Greenery Outfit

Are you a lucky one who can pull off a complete green outfit or a green dress in the Colour of the year? Our make-up artists suggest that your make-up choices could follow two directions: first, create the most flawless complexion. Second, add a combination of very bold reds, pinks and purples reminiscent of exotic fragrant flowers. And yes – not just one shade of hot pink or bright red. Make it a statement.

1. Sweet pink: Tinted Luxe Balm ‘Specks of Cerise’
2. Sparkling purple: Quartz Eyeliner ‘Amethyst Essence’
3. Perfect finish: Impalpable Finishing Powder
4. Hot pink: Original Skin Blush ‘Orpheline’
5. Perfect blending: Blusher Brush 002
6. Flawless complexion: Glide Concealer
7. Defined brows: Brow Expert Gel ‘Earthshine’
8. Custom coverage: Foundation Essence
9. Pink sparkle: XXX Lip Plump ‘Clover Royal Jelly’
10. Rejuvenating primer: Skin Perfector

When Wearing Greenery Accessories

If you have chosen Greenery for your fashion accessories – jewellery, hats, scarves, shoes, bags or belts, try to combine them with a base colour that’s on the same scale of muted, softened, pastel-like: buttercream whites, powder pinks, dusty pale blue and complex shades of pale mauve, rosewood, and taupe.

And this is how it translates into colour make-up:

1. Soft, dusky purples: Eye Shadow Palette ‘Caliche’
2. For professional blending: Blender Brush 016
3. Creamy highlighting: Brightening Liner Duo ‘Glacier Flower’
4. Brighten your under-eye area: Luminous Skin Wand
5. Lash-enhancing luminous brown: Magnitude Mascara ‘Almandine’
6. Softened complexion: Aqua Primer
7. Rosy nude: Colour Burst Lipstick ‘The Plot Thickens’
8. Custom coverage: Foundation Essence
9. Colourless brow definition: Brow Expert Gel
10. Muted pastel coral: Original Skin Blush ‘Delicata’

How to Make Greenery Look Darker

We suggest pairing Greenery with saturated, bold seashore colours and adding a basic layer of a neutral grey or neutral beige to give this colour combination a vivid and yet very sophisticated appearance:

1. Purest golden glow: Highlighting Powder ‘Goddess’
2. Vinyl-like brows: Eye Gloss ‘Angel’s Play’
3. For full lips: Lip Potion DEVILISH NECTAR
4. Custom foundation: Foundation Essence
5. For any glow-blending mischief: Highlighter Brush 014
6. Universally flattering: Highlighting Liquid ‘Sea of Clouds’
7. Length and extra volume: Modelling Mascara ‘Midnight’
8. Violet-blue base: Eye Khol ‘Vera’
9. For precise lines: Satin Eyeliner ‘Blue Roan’
10. Sparkling blue: Quartz Eyeliner ‘Tanzanite Essence’

How to Make Greenery Match a Very Classic Look

A classic red lip and a black eyeliner/ golden highlight combination is a festive beauty look that will support the sensual side of Greenery just beautifully. Try wearing the trendy colour on your nails and let the rest of your beauty look be very classic:

1. Milky-pink highlights: Highlighting Liquid ‘Sea of Tranquillity’
2. A pop of pure scarlet red: Sheer Lipstick ‘Relish of Heaven’
3. Even out: Glide Concealer
4. Noble rose: Original Skin Blush ‘Gracilis’
5. Pure black: Magnitude Mascara ‘Titanian’
6. A head-turning shade of blue: Quartz Eyeliner ‘Tanzanite Essence’
7. Black and gold: Long-lasting Duo Cream Eye Shadow ‘Birdwing Beauteous’
8. For ultra-fine lines: Long-lasting Brow Liner
9. Transparent finish: Tinted Moisturiser
10. A pearly pink: Glassy Gloss ‘Raspberry Meringue’

What are your best Greenery looks and tips?

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