New Colour: ‘Red Nightfall’ and ‘Ruby’

Burgundy red mascara is much more wearable than most people believe. In fact, it’s incredibly flattering to all eye colours, a true beauty secret.
We love our vivid wine reds so much that we added this new colour to not one, but two RBR mascara products. Discover now the subtle magic of lashes adorned with a luxurious burgundy shade – in your favourite formulation.

Dramatic? Perhaps.
Loud? Never.

As opposed to a pure, flashy colour, a rich, deep shade will always add a certain glamour to the beauty look. The beautiful wine red of ‘Red Nightfall’ (Modelling Mascara) and ‘Ruby’ (Magnitude Mascara) is dark enough to define the lashes and yet colourful enough to work its powerful magic:

Blue eyes will instantly look more icy and bright
Green eyes look distinctly more vibrant
Brown and grey eyes look intensely radiant


Modelling Mascara WITCHERY creates perfect definition; its separating rubber wand reaching the finest lashes.


Magnitude Mascara UBIQUITOUS lengthens and thickens with its dense fibre brush.


Choose your favourite magic wand:
Modelling Mascara in ‘Red Nightfall’ or Magnitude Mascara in ‘Ruby’