Meet The Artists: “Looking for the uniqueness of a woman’s beauty”

Bridal make-up is probably the most exciting and yet nail-biting experience for any make-up artist: there is no second shot should something go wrong, no real-life Photoshop to fix any mistakes… Success is only possible when both the make-up artist and the bride truly appreciate individual beauty.
Read Anna’s story of showing brides how they can look much better than any celebrity they’ve admired.

Meet Anna

Anna Steiner is a freelance hair and make-up artist specialising in bridal styles.
In her own words:
“As I began working with brides, I quickly noticed that the women would often bring celebrity photos to the first meeting, but quite often their unique type of beauty would not match the celebrity’s type. I complied at first, and the clients were happy, but for me the “made-up” woman never looked quite right. Instead, I was positive that bringing forward the uniqueness of each woman, her natural beauty, would create amazing results. So, with each new client, I started to go for the more artificial look she wanted – but only on the half of her face. And on the other half, I would do my best to let her unique, innate, natural beauty shine. The response has been absolutely amazing ever since.”

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– Anna, what was the first ever RBR product you’ve used? What was your impression?

– My first RBR product was the Sheer Lipstick in ‘Musings’. I instantly loved its gorgeous texture, so moisturising and with a natural glossy finish. It’s pretty much to my taste that the lips look natural and not “painted”! My advice is to prime the lips with a little foundation or powder to make the lipstick last longer!

– Do you have an RBR favourite? 

– My favourite and a must-have for any woman out there is the liquid concealer Luminous Skin Wand! It lets under-eye darkness, any redness or blemishes disappear as if by magic!
My advice is to dab it on gently using the ring finger! Never use sweeping motion as the skin will not absorb the product well. When you’re done, set with some transparent powder for longer wear and to prevent any creasing.

– What is your signature look?

– I rely on pure, natural beauty! Every woman can and should be herself; less is more! Only highlight one area of your face at a time.
Here’s a beauty look of mine for you: I always start with clean skin and prep it with a refreshing RBR primer. First step is perfect complexion using concealer and Liquid Foundation. Just a hint of bronzer and highlighter for that perfect glow. Eyebrows are defined with the Long-lasting Brow Liner – eyebrows do define a face! Eye shadows in rich shades of natural beige and brown let any eye sparkle. In addition, more definition and depth are created using a grey khol pencil. A lot of mascara for the lashes. And lip colour is a must here – ideally, apricot or soft pink, that’s individual. Finally, I add blush in a matching colour to the cheekbones. This is a feel-good, refreshing and gorgeous look! Happy wearing!

– What’s the most “dated” but not outdated look that still looks beautiful today? 

– I think it’s the twenties look. A timeless classic! Red lips and dark eyes with a strong eyeliner is a look most women like.
My advice: keep in mind that dark colours make things look smaller and more far away while bright colours pull things into the foreground. Quite often, my clients want a bridal look with a bold eyeliner as they are used from their everyday life. But don’t forget that dark, matt colours and dark eyeliner will make your eyes look smaller. Bright, luminous colours will let your eyes look sparkling and visually larger.

– Who would you like to do make-up for, and what kind of look would you create?

– I’d choose Daniela Katzenberger (editors’ note: a German reality TV star) and I would try to recreate my natural signature look for her. She’s a strong personality and I would like to mirror that using make-up.

Thanks, Anna!
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