Hedonistic Reflections: “The smell of apples in Eva’s hands”

Hedonistic Reflections VESPERS Rouge Bunny Rouge

Sin or virtue?
This philosophic question torments our masked perfumer’s mind in the latest instalment of HEDONISTIC REFLECTIONS.

Our mystery perfumer shares:

“The smell of ripe apples in Eva’s warm and delicate hands, that’s the essence of VESPERS. A placid moment, a moment of silence – what follows now?”

“VESPERS is the pause. There is no turmoil, nothing loud. You recall the day and count your blessings.”

VESPERS Rouge Bunny Rouge Pyramid

“Apple-centred fragrances can be simple gourmand juices; this is not the VESPERS recipe. Here, the ripe apple is spicy – with pepper, cinnamon and violet leaves – and yet cool and breezy with lily of the valley, violets and rose petals.”

“The sillage is pure elegance with vanilla absolute cooled down with musk and precious woody notes.”

VESPERS is available as:
- 50 ml Eau de Parfum natural spray, includes a Perfume Purse Spray
- 2 ml Eau de Parfum natural spray (as part of the DISCOVERY COFFRET)Hedonistic Reflections VESPERS Rouge Bunny Rouge Poster Artwork

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