New Colour: MILK AQUARELLE Liquid Foundation

New Colour: MILK AQUARELLE Liquid Foundation

Your beloved formula with state-of-the-art active ingredients and latest generation pigment technology is now available in a new fair shade with pink undertones.

‘Pecan Milk Parfait’: a fresh, pink undertone fair beige for the porcelain-like, “English rose” complexion.

MILK AQUARELLE shades, lightest to darkest:
'Coconut Milk Parfait'
‘Pecan Milk Parfait’
'Almond Milk Parfait'
'Chestnut Milk Parfait'
'Cashew Milk Parfait'
'Macadamia Milk Parfait‘

More shades coming soon. 

P.S. Is your foundation too light? Try our brand new Colour-Matching Concentrate AUBADES & SERENADES in ‘Sonnet’to deepen/ darken your favourite foundation without altering the undertone or the finish.

2 thoughts on “New Colour: MILK AQUARELLE Liquid Foundation”

  • Lida

    Hi, i have a question about your foundations, are they organic? I saw in the ingrediens paraben , I know that is very unhealthy to put on your body s skin. I love the products you have but i want to be sure for putting gooed healthy stuff on my face.

    Thanks a lot,
    sincerly Lida

  • Rouge Bunny Rouge
    Rouge Bunny Rouge June 5, 2018 at 11:11 am

    Dear Lida,

    Many thanks for your message and interest in our foundation. Some of our foundation shades do not contain paraben anymore, like the newly launched Pecan Milk Parfait and Macadmia Milk Parfait, and many other products in our collection are also paraben free (like our Aqua Primer, Original Skin Primer, Luminous Skin Wand, Skin Perfector, Colour-Matching Concentrate, etc. etc.). We will continue working on reducing parabens in our products and very much appreciate your feedback!

    Warm regards,