Meet The Blogger: Zenith, Republic of Korea

Meet The Blogger: Zenith, Republic of Korea, RBR Interview

Meet Zenith

With K Beauty on everyone’s lips, why not look directly at the source? Our today’s guest is the wonderful Zenith of Zenith’s Beautiful Life, a Korean beauty and lifestyle blogger in her forties.

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Q: Zenith, so which was the first ever RBR product you’ve used? What was your impression?
A: It was ‘Loess’, the iconic eyeshadow palette, because I’ve heard lots of compliments about the eyeshadows from other bloggers. When I looked at it at first I thought it would be not easy to show the subtle beauty on my eyes, but it turned out to be a surprising success due to the high quality blending power and the tone of color itself. The colors of the palette are rather on the cool side, but the unique tones make your look elegant.

Q: How do you see perfect, beautiful skin and what do you do to achieve the look?
A: On my channel I’m talking about the beauty of women in their forties. I’d like to point out that everybody can find a way to present their skin beautifully in terms of good skin care. You don’t have to cover all your imperfections, but you have to take good care of your skin so that you get some extent of natural radiance. I make a DIY collagen mask on a weekly basis, and I do a light skin peeling with AHA acid-based products as well.

Q: What is your favourite RBR product and why?
A: It’s been only a couple of weeks since I started using RBR products, but the eyeshadow products are amazing so far. They blend extremely well and look great on my skin. I can’t describe just how good the colors look on you, but they do.

Q: What are respectively the most dated look and the most modern look om your opinion? Why??
A: To me the most dated look would be the nineties style. If I pick one thing from the style of the nineties that looks old is the combination of colors and hair color as well as eye brow color. They had very strong colors for hair and brow definition, and even for the lashes compared to nowadays.

The most modern look would be the one point look I believe. If you go for statement color with your lip then you keep the eyebrows, eyeshadows and cheeks subtle.

Q: What is your signature look?
A: I think I don’t have a signature look because I prefer to look different every time I do my make-up. To me, the essence of joy in make-up lies in creating various looks with one face. The problem is that I feel, I look usually the same all the time due to the lack of make-up skills. Others however tell me, my look is elegant, and I am thankful to hear that. I like to keep my eye brows and my lips very natural, but to use layers of colour on the cheeks and for my eye make-up. I prefer not to make dramatic gradations, nor go for big crease definition on my eyes, but rather to choose fun colors.

Thanks, Zenith!
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