RBR Enchanted Calendar 2018: July

RBR Enchanted Calendar 2018: July
It’s that time again: time to appreciate a moment of floriography with our monthly
Neo-Victorian flower calendar.

Because the societal norms of their time neglected open conversation, Victorians let the flowers speak for them. The meanings they gave flowers and plants were not all about romance and happiness; some were used to mock or to insult. With each plant bearing a fairly long and often contradictory list of potential meanings, however, this was rather a game than a true secret language.

Our July flower is Trachelium ceruleum or Blue Throatwort: a beautiful ornamental plant with purple blooms, adored by florists and gardeners alike for its opulent texture and the striking colour. 

But what about its secret meaning? While the name of the plant comes from the ancient belief that the flower could help cure sore throats, the Victorian meaning was that of “neglected beauty”. Fascinating!

We like to see this gorgeous flower as a reminder to appreciate our individual beauty everyday.

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