RBR Enchanted Calendar 2018: August

RBR Enchanted Calendar 2018: August

This beautiful fragrant flower stands for innocence and friendship, graces many a wedding bouquet, and is the 7thmarriage anniversary flower in the USA – Freesia.

With their abundant variety of colours and the powdery sweet scent, southern Africa-native Freesias belong to the non less gorgeous and enchanting Iris plant family.

Standing for true friendship in the Victorian era, even the very name of the flower is a token of loyalty and camaraderie. Danish apothecary and botanical collector Christian Friedrich Ecklon named it after one of his mentees, German physician and botanist Friedrich H. T. Freese.

Let the beautiful freesias lift your mood as a stunning centrepiece, in a fragrant bouquet, or let them spark joy right here as our Enchanted Calendar motif. 

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