The Neo-Victorian “Hype”

Discover Hype Stories — the new Creation Room.

Hype Stories is a project by stylist Jeanna Kichel and hair & make-up artist Suzana Santalab who act as the creative director and project manager respectively. Designed as a community and a meeting point for creative industry talents, Hype Stories are open for everyone. Projects, master classes and a strong social media presence follow the motto “let’s grow together”.

Impressions from the Rouge Bunny Rouge project with Christian Schild:

Hypestories_ChrisSchild_Joris_Haas_4 Hypestories_ChrisSchild_Joris_Haas_6 Hypestories_ChrisSchild_Joris_Haas_9 Hypestories_ChrisSchild_Joris_Haas_17

See more here: Hype Stories.

Photographer: Joris Haas c/o Hypestories
Hairstyling: Katja Luz & Angelika Ebeleseder
Model erstes Bild links:  Jamila c/o Brodybookings  rechts: Emely B c/o Brodybookings
Model 2. Bild Marion c/o Brodybookings
3. Bild Angie T c/o Brodybookings
4. Bild Model Jamimal c/o Brodybookings
5. BIld Emely B c/o Brodybookings